Traditional Beverage Recipe from our heritage Milwaukee Prohibition Wisconsin Source.

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The heartbeat of the beer of a class we brew at Elk Island Brewery® is called pure natural water. (FACT) Drinking and distilled water is more acidic than other types of water. To the uninformed eye, this riverbed may look like another rut in the granite of a glaciated Midwest Great Lakes plane. But it is not. It exists in a ultra clean sand and clay mix topo-aqualogy and high velocity anticline known as the Peshtigo River Bed. It is fed by near surface underground streams, one of which runs under brewery land. You can follow the surface depressions from sink holes and old rift depressions for hundreds of yards. Granite occurs further north in Wisconsin, and loam soil with a glacial rock rubbled plane to the south.

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THIS extreme fermentation is made possible by Elk Island's pure high mineral content, no yeast killer in effect NO Chlorine water.

The benefits of homegrown quality / scientific method and neutral hydrogen ion concentration balanced water that is available to Elk Island® Brewery include improved energy and metabolism. Such slow field potential or 'perk test' means water that contains antioxidant properties (anti-aging and anti-disease). In ancient Greece, Hippocrates invented the first artificial water filter in 500BC. Until that time, taste is recorded as being the best measure of water quality as far back as ancient Egypt where a slowly flowing Nile River presented constant flotsam and deciduous material contamination problems. Sand takes out Calcium and Lime, cuts General Hardness (GH) in half, and likewise removes about half the totally dissolved solids. Nitrogen exposure is limited and therefore the acidity potential upon being drawn from the source is reduced. OUR story of brewing begins with water chemistry, and with very ancient sand filter devices. So does our story, because we built everything from the ground up, the way it should be, and not expecting automatic benefits we did not earn, much like explained as 'Chaos Theory' in the movies; the series and books of "Jurasic Park". Jump to Internal Quality Page.

The result of this geology is that there are more waterfalls in and around Stephenson Township than anywhere in the world. This has a dramatic impact on the water chemistry, not to be confused with body chemistry because, as I will explain here in some detail, I know what these ancient river sand beds are. Acids can be almost perfectly acidic and yet not have much chemical action in water except on solids and non-water bearing molecules (called Solubility).

'Doctor Hummer's Beer'

'Festive Beers'

'Porter (german style)'

'Golden Fleece Style'

Typical Limestone Rock

Above: Quarried high quality limestone block typical of craft brewery filtration spring water input.

While lime (calcium) rock does in fact add important minerals, vitamins and salts, it takes decades

or centuries to get water through to deep sources. Where rock is cracked, ground water is easily

fertilizer contaminated from farms, cattle and surface ponds. That found south of our brewery area.

The ancients used this limestone to enhance and to flavor the nutrients in corn meal,

with some wear on their teeth. Ultra nutrients allowed extended populations to exist in remote areas.

That's why they call it hard water. Gravel tends to reduce acidity but then cycles backward again.

Phosphorics, nitrites, nitrates, ammonia and nitrogen gas are interacting slowly and relentlessly.

Gravel (limes and Calciums) and Lime are powerful slowly dissolved into oxidation, reduction and

radioactive material product chains.

However they do not necessarily react with water to reduce acidity. Like distillation, Osmosis and

air exposure, they increase it. Our HI Al non-pasteurized draught style kegs may keep 2 years.

The added nitrogen and O2 & O3 gas and phosphorus are only examples. Like cigarette smoke,

you could take in a dose of radiation which motivated GOVERNMENT WARNINGS. Simple

elements tend to combine with other atoms to make an acid molecule. Bascitic was preferred

for centuries past, found globally in food sources. Although beers are NOT allowed to

make health claims, we go through more than a little bother to do what we can to assure

confidence to ourselves.

Ask this question: How much is spent on health supplements versus brewed traditional recipes?

And as part of this Quality Philosophy, we believe working with SOURCES is what differentiates

strategy as well as art and entertainment in marketed food substitutes / fortifiers.

The Roman empire would not allow their drinking waters to be piped or contained in metal.

Similar interactions and oxidation creates concerns.

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